Online publishing is important for people in Internet marketing because it delivers results. For the marketer in you making sales is the long-term goal of all your blogging, article marketing, lens building, and ebook creating—all those things that fall beneath the umbrella term of online publishing—efforts.

There are quite a few reasons why online publishing benefits you as an Internet marketer. Consider some of the direct benefits below.

1) Traffic Generation. Article marketing and blogs have, for a long time, been used to generate traffic to websites, lenses, and blogs. This is a tried and true method that when done consistently and properly delivers results time and time again. There are many mediums for publishing your articles online and the savvy marketer will not put all of his or her eggs into one basket—especially when small rewrites can create a unique article for multiple article marketing venues.

2) Building Backlinks. Backlinks are very important when it comes to boosting page rank. The more quality backlinks you have, targeting multiple appropriate keywords, the better. Backlinks are the way search engines judge your popularity. It's really interesting how that works but when you post articles that link back to your website or blog you are giving the search engines a sign that your audience really likes you and that, by default, they should like you too.

3) Gaining Exposure. This works well for all of the online publishing methods. Whether you are using a blog to build credibility through long term efforts, have written an ebook that will help many people get started or advance within your niche, or you are using article marketing to put as many informative articles on the Internet that will provide valuable insight into your niche, online publishing builds your exposure. As an added bonus these efforts also work to help you build your credibility as an authority within your niche market.

4) Creates Targeted Traffic. One of the biggest benefits of online publishing is that it generates traffic that is targeted to your niche. In other words, your audience is pre qualified and more likely to want or need whatever it is that you are selling or offering.

5) Making Money through Sales. Direct sales of ebook and indirect sales created by the traffic that is generated through your article marketing efforts or your blog are the ultimate goal of all your online publishing efforts and can bring in big bucks when you put out a quality product that is designed to generate interest, well researched and written, and that gives your audience something of value. The more you offer your audience the greater the potential reward. The greater the size of the audience you reach, the more likely you will be to convert some sales from the effort.

As you can see, there are many reasons that online publishing is important. Chances are there are plenty of reasons that this is important that aren't mentioned here. Can you think of ways that online publishing can benefit your business?

Self-Publishing Related Articles

For the past years, I engaged myself in different traditional publishing industries. But because of the difficulty and not being satisfied in their services (just like the typesetting of the text, the illustrations are not that beautiful, the binding is not that strength; pages tearing one by one as your readers browsing each line), I decided to shift my latest books in Self Publishing. Why I will have to engage in self publishing? Through this article will give you an insight to transfer your latest books in self publishing. But this article also is not obliging you to enter in self publishing industry.

First of all, in self publishing, you have all the rights to write, edit, as well as all the say in publishing your book. In short, you are the writer, editor and the publishing manager of your book, if you have the talent in illustrating, you can also do the illustrations. If you can also, you will be the one who typeset the whole manuscripts, then do the printing. So, it means, you are the one-man publisher. You don’t need to hire employees to assist you in publishing your own book.

In that case, you will get all the royalties. There’s no need to compute, how many percent will go to your editor, your printer, your illustrator, your typesetter, as well as if you will be the marketing staff of your book. And you can control also, how many copies to print for circulation. As it will go, you will earn as much as you can. If your self publish book will book into the market, you will earn as much as $30,000 in a month or even more.

But the worse case, not all writers who will engage in self publishing can earn as much as you expected. If you published a book that will not boom in the market, a negative in your book as well as throwing out to the garbage bag of your financial investment for a particular book. If you didn’t hit the market, you will lose a lot of money as bad as $10,000 to $20,000. No need to drop down all your tears falling in the floor. And throwing also all the copies of your self published book. And in the end, you will hate in self publishing again. So, I will be rather going back to the traditional publisher, who I am not going to spend a lot of money just to publish my book. I will not oblige myself to market my book to others because in traditional publishing, they are the one, to do it all for me.

So, what you have to do, are you going to the self publishing world or the traditional publisher world? For more information, Self Publishing in other words, they call this as Vanity Press. Vanity Press means, you will write a book, they will print it for you but you have to pay them depends how many copies you want. But there are minimum numbers of copies to print—at least 100 copies in one row.

Remember this, self publishing can also give you a chance to be an editor of a book, you can start it by your own book, you can also have a chance to manage a printing industry as well as the publishing industry.

Self-Publishing Related Articles