The World Wide Web has made the world seem like a much smaller place than it has been in ages past. Today we can reach out and talk to someone halfway around the world with a few key strokes and mouse clicks. It's a different world to live, play, and work in. One sign of the times and how far we've come is the fact that you can now sell actual products through online publishing efforts. In fact, almost any online publishing effort can be used to promote offline products from emails to article marketing as an affiliate for brick and mortar companies. Even giants in the world of retail like Walmart offer affiliate programs these days.

This gives you, as an Internet marketer, the opportunity not only to sell informational or virtual products but also to sell actual products from real stores. Why would someone buy from you rather than going directly to Walmart's website when they are looking for a product? Because of the presentation. You aren't going to give your visitors a show case of products. You are going to use online publishing to put together a nice web page that is devoted to gardening products or soccer equipment.

You are going to write articles that explain how to use the equipment and supplies. You are going to provide videos about new irrigation or gardening techniques or the latest soccer move that is taking the world by storm. You are going to have content that is related to gardening or soccer on the web page and you are going to create blogs and lenses that are all purpose gardening or soccer advice and tips to link to your web page. On your web page you will have links in the content to favorite products you have at Walmart or any other store where you are an affiliate.

When you use this method of online publishing you aren't making a hard sell at all and yet people are going to be inclined to buy from you because of how you present the information. Presentation is the key to successful online publishing. This is one thing that separates the long standing pillars of Internet marketing from the newbies who are in and out too quickly because they come along sounding like used car or snake oil salesmen. The old timers or more experienced Internet marketers (because their age will likely shock you some times) know that people want to buy they have no desire to be sold on a product or service. That is why it is in your best interests to use online publishing for an introduction rather than a sales pitch.

Online publishing is a great way to sell offline products and this can be a lucrative line of business. You should note that Walmart is probably not the best choice for your offline marketing efforts though. Go with stores that are more unique and that people aren't likely to find on their own or able to walk to on any given Sunday. The less common offline merchandise that people really want are often the best selling products you can market with your online publishing efforts.

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