Building an ebook empire is not a bad dream to have when you enter into the world of Internet marketing. The idea of making a steady stream of income for years to come from the efforts you've put forth one day long ago is an excellent plan and ebooks are a great way of doing that as long as you go about building your empire the right way. What are some of the things you need to do when it comes to online publishing for ebooks that will make your ebooks stand the tests of time?

1)  Make your ebooks evergreen. Far too often marketers publish ebooks that provide great news and insights that are timely and informative but will only be fresh until technology changes. Unfortunately, technology seems to be changing every day. Choose topics for your ebook that aren't technical or technologically driven in nature so that the topics will be relevant in the future just as they are at the time you introduce your ebook to the market. Consider topics like gardening, home made candles and soaps, grandmas remedies for whatever ails you and other topics that interest you but aren't likely to see sweeping changes in the near future. The goal is to create an ebook that will be as useful in the future as it is today.

2) Make your ebooks readable. Ebooks are a long commitment for your average Internet surfer. The six second rule is long gone when it comes to reading an ebook. If they are taking the time to read your ebook the least you can do is make it as entertaining to read as it is factual. Insert a little bit of humor and have fun in writing it. The more fun you have creating the ebook the more fun your readers are likely to have reading it.

3) Have your ebook mapped out before you begin writing it. There's nothing more frustrating to a writer than to lose where you are going in the middle of your ebook. There's nothing more frustrating to a reader than trying to figure out where you're going with the ebook. Have a clear outline that maps out the direction of the ebook for you. This will save a lot of time and have people standing in line waiting for your next ebook to be released. You'd be surprised how many ebooks seem to lose their way mid stream.

The final bit of advice when it comes to a beginner's guide to writing ebooks for online publishing is to never lose sight of who you are writing for. Your audience is the primary reason to write this ebook. Write for them, make it easy for them to read your ebook, and keep them entertained while they are reading your ebook so they will come back for more the next time you are marketing an ebook. Things like this make online publishing rewarding to you and those who read your work.


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