Those who really loathe the idea of spending hour after hour creating content for web pages to begin with really cringe when they think of writing hundreds of articles, blog entries, and creating dozens of Squidoo lenses in order to promote websites and products that they are creating. They would never even dare to imagine writing enough material to fill an entire ebook by choice. There are options available but in all honesty, there is going to be some degree of online publishing necessary if you want to have a successful online business in the current marketplace.

Things are changing and publishing is gradually moving away from simple written content to content that is more multimedia in nature. Common content for todays websites and blogs include text, photos, video, and sound. Surfing the Internet is a full service experience these days. Even Google ads on the side of the page are changing from the old text ads that were completely unobtrusive to flashier designs—some with motion, others with sound, and some are full video ads. With this in mind, the ways of online publishing are changing as well.

This doesn't get you off the hook for traditional online publishing and written content though. In fact, the need is greater than ever with literally thousands of web pages joining the ranks daily. The problem with video and photographs is that they aren't good indicators of what the site is about unless the search engines watch the videos. Currently, they peruse the written content and use the written information as a means of assigning page rank –along with a few other indicators and some super secret formulas for determining how much other people like your web site.

So, is it right for you? It doesn't really matter. That is the unfortunate truth of things if you want to do business online. Whether or not it feels right or your find it interesting it is a necessity in today's Internet marketplace. The good news is that it is possible to outsource a lot of the work. Remember when outsourcing that you will often get better results by paying a better price and that the material you end up with will ultimately represent you. Be selective in whom you trust with your outsourcing needs.

Look to the future though. Things are indeed changing and there will come a time when the video and audio messages on your website or landing page will play as vital of a role as the text that is written their plays today. When that day comes you will be ready and can hang up your writing tools. Online publishing is constantly evolving and that is a good thing for those who are coming up in the world of Internet marketing. You must learn to make changes as the market dictates. What do your current online publishing efforts have to say about how you do business and your Internet marketing plan of action?


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