If you are thinking of publishing your book or calendar or any other piece or work online, I would highly suggest that you check out Lulu. With Lulu you can do your own self publishing. Is it a lot of work? Not really but like anything else it takes time and dedication. In this article, we will focus on book publishing because that is Lulu’s major area.

Basically how Lulu works is that you upload your work using their formatting tools which are simple to use. You can set everything up the way you want from sizing to the binding you want to the cover art. So what can you publish on Lulu? Well the possibilities are endless. You can publish paperback or hard cover book, comic books, dissertations, cookbooks, product manuals, sales proposals, travel guides, presentations, brochures, yearbooks, annual reports, textbooks, training manuals, course outlines, photos creations, photo books, wedding books, calendars, portfolios, images, graphics, music, ringtones, sound files, midi files, movies, videos, fonts, CD’s, DVD’s, eBooks and documents.

With Lulu, they offer online book publishing services absolutely free. There are no hidden fees. How it works is that you create your book and set up the whole process the way you want. Then your book is posted online at Lulu’s website. If your book sells, then you keep 80% of the profit and 20% goes to Lulu. You can also list your book on Lulu’s Marketplace which is a huge area on their website that attracts more than 900,000 unique visitors each week. And the best part is that with the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo, Lulu appears #1 so your work will show at the top of the search results pages. If you want to make hard copies of your book, Lulu can do that for a nominal fee and you can even get assigned an ISBN number so you can sell your books at retail stores and libraries.

The process to create your books is simple. You will of course need a completed manuscript in either PDF and Word document and images or a PDF for the cover. Then you choose the look of your book, upload your manuscript for the inside of your book and then Lulu will convert your manuscript into the inside pages of your book. After this process is done, you can create your book cover using one of their templates or if you have an image already, you can upload it. Then all you need to do is add a description of the book which is what potential buyers will see when they visit your page, add copyright and license info and let all your friends and family know about your book.

Self publishing your book through Lulu is easy and very reliable. You have the freedom to create how you want your book to look from the sizing of the pages to the cover image itself. It is the perfect place for all your publishing needs.

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