Online publishing seems like a straightforward process. For the most part it is. There are however, a few tips and tricks that will stretch your online publishing efforts and make them a little more successful for you. When you are planning out your online publishing efforts, keep these tips and tricks in mind for an even larger return on your investment of time and energy.

1) Use social networking to maximize exposure. Social networking, when done properly, can gain you mountains of exposure that you would have never managed to receive on your own accord. Put that medium to work whenever you make blog posts, publish articles for marketing, or launch an ebook. The free traffic generated from social networking can give your online publishing efforts a huge boost and result in some sales and/or subscriptions. The money remains in the list because that provides the opportunity for repeat visits and multiple sales.

2) Be consistent. It is difficult to remain credible if one of your online publishing efforts contradicts another. Make sure that your articles, blog posts, and ebooks provide no contradictions that your audience can detect. Even beyond being consistent in your content writing you should also be consistent in your publishing and tracking methods. Publish new articles and blog posts frequently and regularly in order to maintain high traffic and decent conversion rates. The more consistent your efforts, the more consistent the results will be.

3) Rewrite. When it comes to article marketing there are many things you can do that will increase your exposure. One is rewriting one article multiple times and posting in several different article directories. You want several versions rather than an identical version for many reasons. Not the least of these reasons is that the directories do not reject your article. You can also rewrite the articles you use for marketing and use them in blog posts and Squidoo lenses. In other words, get the maximum possible mileage for your articles.

4) Become an affiliate publisher. Profit more by making money from the efforts of others. When you create a new ebook that you know is of excellent quality, provides relevant information, and is a good deal for the money it is time to take that product to one of the major services online for affiliates. Let other people do the legwork for you while you make money from their efforts and are free to move on to your next ebook project. Remember that article marketing and blog posts are not the only way to make money with online publishing. When you are selling information products such as ebooks though it is a good plan to always be working on the next project and create a name for yourself within your niche.

Making money with online publishing is a much simpler prospect when you remember the tips and tricks above. Anything that makes the process easier is worth putting to work for your online publishing efforts.

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