Squidoo is a relative newcomer to the online publishing scene but it is certainly making waves and taking names. Not only is Squidoo favored by search engines with high page rankings in niches across the board but among users who appreciate the fact that sizable incomes can be made month after month for minimal effort. But, why is Squidoo such a popular choice for new and experienced Internet marketers alike?

Consider some of these reasons that more and more people are choosing Squidoo for their online publishing.

1) Easy. When compared to creating a new website or landing page, Squidoo is a piece of cake. Everything is there for you and laid out, just like a cake recipe. All you need to do is select the flavor, add a little spice—in this case content, and throw a little icing on the top. There is no need to know obscure coding languages or have a master's degree in geek speak in order to figure out how to put a Squidoo lens together. It's great for those who struggle with or simply do not want to waste the time it takes to build a traditional website—especially for test markets. Did I mention that it's easy?

2) Free. There are few things, when it comes to Internet marketing and online publishing that sound better than something being free. It costs nothing to create a Squidoo lens, you can even find photos that are available for you to use free on your lenses. It's a great way to be frugal and budget conscious and still make money online.

3) Diverse. Squidoo lenses offer multiple earning opportunities. Whether you have an affiliate product you wish to promote, want to promote products you have created, wish to advertise a service, or simply want to promote any of the great products you are free to promote through the Squidoo base there are plenty of options available for product promotion. You will never run out of products to promote with a Squidoo lens. If you do, you may want to have your imagination checked because the sky literally is the limit with a Squidoo lens.

4) Accessible. You don't have to jump through hoops in order to begin a Squidoo lens. It's something that pretty much anyone can do. This is great because it means that with so many people able to create Squidoo lenses, there are a ton of resources to help you get started with an online publishing venture of your very own with Squidoo.

While Squidoo is relatively new it deserves some serious respect as a current and future heavy hitter in the world of online publishing. Failing to use Squidoo for your Internet marketing may give your competition a serious advantage. Avoid giving away this important edge for your online publishing efforts. Make a serious effort starting today to put Squidoo to work for you and deliver a one – two knock out punch your competition won't forget anytime soon.

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