The ins and outs of online publishing may seem a tad bit overwhelming when you are a beginner. The letters transpose in funny ways and every article directory, website builder, or blogging template seems to have different standards and requirements. It's enough to drive a sane person a little mad. The good news is that you can incorporate some of these tips into your online publishing routine and it will make the entire process go smoother than you have previously experienced. Keep these tips in mind as you begin your online publishing efforts through article marketing and you should enjoy a nice steady profit stream before you know it.

1) Offer real information. Nothing is more frustrating than finding an article that teases real information but when you click on the link offers no real meat. The veggies and starches are great for fluff but if you want to make a favorable and lasting impression with your readers, give them something they can sink their teeth into...and then get them to click to your site for the piece de resistance. This leaves their hunger slated to some degree but wanting more. Tell them you have five great tips for pruning roses but give them four and tell them the fifth, most crucial can be found by clicking the link. The key is to make the other four steps useful and factual steps about pruning roses, or whatever your niche may be.

2) Save your work in a text or notepad format. This will save you countless hours of head banging hair pulling (assuming of course you have any hair left) grief as you try to get your articles to mesh with the formatting requirements of various article marketing directories. Make multiple copies that offer the same general tone and keywords but are different enough that they look unique. This process is called spinning and it allows you to promote the same basic article through many different directories. Hand spun articles get a much better response than those that are done with various programs online though they do require a little more time and effort.

3) Write for reader. Far too often beginners go in and try to stuff as many keywords and phrases into an article for online publishing as possible. What results is an article that makes little sense and offers even less value to those who read it. This will defeat your purposes all together and result in a host of rejections.

4) Invest time and energy for keyword research. Keywords and search terms are how your audience finds you. Not only is it important to focus your web pages around these key words and phrases but also your online publishing efforts in order to really carefully define your target audience.

Follow these tips faithfully in order to enjoy greater success when it comes to online publishing and article marketing. You will find that your efforts are much better rewarded when you do.

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