Article marketing is the wave of today when it comes to making money online. Content is still king even though its face is changing to some degree and moving from all text to a combination of text, video, audio, and image. It is the combination of these that make online publishing and Internet marketing such an exciting field to be a part of. Things are only looking up for this industry even though the economies around the world are falling apart.

Now is the ideal time to begin kicking your online publishing and article marketing efforts up a notch rather than joining in the throngs of people who are running around complaining that the sky is falling. In some industries it is. The Internet isn't yet seeing the sharp decline that many private sector businesses are experiencing. People still need and want access to information and entertainment. In most cases, people are still willing to pay for these things. This means that the job of the Internet marketer, in many ways, remains secure depending on how things are going with those article marketing efforts of course.

What is article marketing? It's probably a good idea to get that out of the way from the start. Article marketing is submitting articles to directories and using those articles to direct traffic to your landing page or website. For affiliate marketers this is a highly effective, and did I mention free, method of building a steady stream of traffic month after month. The more articles you have in circulation the greater the odds are that you will receive the traffic you desire.

As long as the articles that you are using for marketing are targeted to keywords that are appropriate for your niche, a great deal of the traffic you receive will be traffic that is looking for the products or services you are offering on your website or landing page. Pre-qualified traffic results in higher conversion rates and a greater return on your investment. Remember that writing quality article takes time and time is money—especially when it comes to Internet marketing where there are so many potential distractions to chip away at your productivity.

Article marketing also allows you to establish credibility within your niche. Be sure to write in an authoritative manner and that you are presenting information that is factually accurate and informative to your readers. This will help you solidify your brand and make your name the go to name within your niche market as long as you are consistent in your efforts and diligent in your fact checking.

Article marketing isn't something new but it is gaining increased popularity which is making it as competitive of a field as it is lucrative. Make sure that your online publishing efforts through article marketing are not to be taken lightly. This can be a powerhouse of income for your online marketing ventures today and in the future. How are your online publishing efforts paying off?

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