Creating your own blog is so much fun. You can create about anything you’d like. I am a freelance writer so my blog is geared towards helping other freelance writers get started in the field. There are literally thousands of blogs out there and the topics range from parenting to politics and everything in between. Whatever your passion is, you can create a blog about it.

So you may be asking yourself what a blog is. Basically a blog is a single page with entries on it. It doesn’t have all the complexity that a website has. A blog’s entries are listed in reverse chronological order, from most recent first to the oldest entry. So your viewers can see fresh information each time they view your blog. Blogs are done by a single author and a publically published online.

As previously stated, a blog has one main page and nothing else. On that main page, there are things called blog entries. These are where you enter whatever information you want. If you are doing a blog on gardening, your entries could be things like how to plant roses, when is the best time to plant tulips, etc. When you add a new entry, it automatically appears at the top of your blog. All blogs have something called a sidebar where it lists your entries by month. Think of a blog as a journal where you write your thoughts but instead of a binded journal, this one is done online.

As far as your topic, that is all up to you. Some blogs are general blogs that just talk about everything under the sun but these are rare since most blogs have a specific purpose. If you are a scrap booker, start a blog on scrapbooking; if you are pregnant, start a pregnancy blog; or if you are a computer expert, start a computer blog.

Before you start your own blog, take a look at some of the other blogs online so you can get a feel for how they are set up. Now keep in mind that everyone sets up their blog differently depending on their creativity and the blogging software they are using. But you can get a general idea of how they operate and look. One great place to create a blog if you are just starting is Live Journal or Blogger. I use Blogger because it is so simple to create and update. You can also try other popular sites like Xanga and Type Pad. These blogging sites are all free for you to create you won personal blog. If you want to add additional features to make your blog more attractive, you can do this for a price.

Creating a blog is a piece of cake. You normally have to register with the site you are using with basic info such as your name and email address. Then you can go and create your blog. You can set up the look of your blog with the many templates that these sites have to offer. Now you can add your first entry. All you have to do is type in your entry no matter how long or short it may be and click the post button. If you need to edit your entry, there is an edit button you can use to make any changes. After that, click publish and you have made your first entry available to the public.


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