The bottom line that most Internet marketers want to know about online publishing is how it can benefit your business. This is a good question and one that you should ask before diving in with both feet. Online publishing takes a great deal of effort and, in some cases, money to do well. Whether you are doing the work yourself or outsourcing the actual writing, chances are that you have a great deal invested in the success of your online publishing efforts. For this reason it is a good idea to be aware of the potential benefits that online publishing represents.

So, what are these benefits and how can they make money for you?

1)Traffic. Online publishing through blogs, lenses, and article marketing are well known as tools for bringing traffic to your landing pages and/or home pages. This traffic is your viewing audience. The more traffic you get, the greater the opportunity you have to gain new members for your mailing lists, new subscribers for your blogs and lenses, and new customers for your business. The ultimate goal, of course, is to make more sales. These are just methods that often lead to sales.

2)Trust. Developing trust in online relationships is not the simplest of tasks. This is particularly true of relationships that involve an exchange of money more so, in many cases, than those that involve changes of affection. However, this trust can be achieved through consistent and helpful efforts on your part. Offer content through your online publishing efforts that benefits those who read it. This alone is usually enough to warrant a visit to your landing page and possibly a purchase. Doing nothing will often earn neither.

3)Interest. Online publishing is also a way to peek someone's interest in the products you sell or service you provide. Give them a taste of what you have to offer but leave them hungry for more. If you hold back on the biggest piece of the puzzle or the icing that goes on top, chances are they will be clicking through to your website faster than you can say “money in the bank”. This is good news for you and the audience, provided that you deliver what you offer in your articles, lenses, or blogs.

4)Audience. It does no good to have thousands of visitors every day if only a handful of them are interested in your niche. They will come and go quickly and you'll never really know they've been there –at least by your sales. A targeted audience on the other hand is a prize to be coveted and exactly what is delivered when you use online publishing to generate that traffic. You will get an audience that is interested in your niche already and much more likely to buy.

As you can see the benefits of online publishing are impressive enough, in most cases, to make it worth your while. Always track your efforts to see where you are receiving the greatest ROI and adjust your efforts accordingly.

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