There are many platforms you have to choose from when you decide to make money online with blogging. One of the most popular among those interested in a free method for blogging is Blogger. You will hear quite a few positive and negative things about Blogger as you begin blogging. Chances are they are all true to some degree though not entirely.

The truth is that some people love Blogger while others absolutely hate it. It's kind of like the NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. You either love him or hate him. Very few people straddle the fence on the issue. That being said there are some pros and cons to using Blogger. You are the one that will have to make the final decision as to whether Blogger blogging is the best option for your blogging needs.


1. Blogger has a simple interface that is easy to use –provided that you are using their interface and do not wish to use your own template.

2. Blogger allows you to monetize right away and requires no investment on your part to do so.

3. Blogger is easy for beginners. In other words you do not need an advanced degree in “geek speak” in order to understand how to operate a Blogger blog.

4. Owned by Google and often favored in the search engine rankings (at least according to many who use Blogger).

5. Offers easy plug in access for Adsense ads and revenue. This is particularly beneficial to those who are using blogs in hopes of amassing a large sum of Adsense income each month. It can be done though this is becoming more difficult. Blogger makes it easier to pursue this income method than some of the other blogging platforms.

6. Doesn't require the purchase of a domain name in order to monetize.


1. Blogger doesn't offer the scope of customizability that other blogging platforms offer.

2. Blogger doesn't like many of the fun widgets that WordPress users get to use on their blogs. This may seem petty but some of these widgets are not only fun but also incredibly useful when blogging for business.

3. Fewer options for template selection with Blogger when compared to the nearly limitless offerings of WordPress templates that are widely distributed (many for free) across the Internet.

4. Blogger has been known to put the brakes on successful blogs as a result of, well, whatever. Blogger reserves that right and they have been known to exercise it. If you do use blogger, make sure that you back everything up externally in case they do exercise this option.

Love it or hate it, Blogger is the blog of choice for millions of bloggers around the world. If you are new to blogging and just want to check it out without a hefty investment up front, Blogger is a great place to begin. When you are moving up in the world of blogging though chances are you will want to spread your wings and see what WordPress has to offer.


If you are doing business online now or plan to in the future it is a good idea to create a business blog. If you have one that isn't getting the results you want then it is time to evaluate your blog and see what changes can and should be made. Sometimes, little changes can go a long way towards creating a lasting stream of online revenue.

What are some of the changes you can make to your blog that will bring about these important and lasting results?

1) SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Whenever you do anything online that you want people to be able to find you will need to optimize it for search engines first. This doesn't discount the importance of creating a blog that is audience friendly. Your content needs to be entertaining to read, encourage dialog with your readers, and be on topic. When you optimize for search engines you do all of these things but you also work to include keywords that offer low competition and high traffic in the mix and optimize your blog posts to utilize those keywords.

2) Regular updates. The search engines love a blog that is updated regularly and so do the readers. Before you begin blogging or when you decide changes need to be made, consider establishing a regular schedule for blog posts. This helps cement your commitment to the blog while also establishing a regular time to update and gives your readers something to look forward to.

3) Create a community. The blog you create for your business is your own form of a “comfy” couch. This is where you can be a little less formal than on a corporate or professional website and really communicate with your audience. This includes not only informing readers of upcoming events decisions but also listening, really listening, to what their thoughts about new products, existing products, or services you offer are.

4) Be part of the larger blogging community. Visit other blogs, comment on other blogs, link to other blogs. There are too main reasons for this. First of all, the big search engines love the backlinks you get from commenting. Second, you are introducing yourself to a larger audience, some of whom will find your comments interesting enough to take a look at your blog. An additional benefit of this practice is that it gives you the opportunity to check out what your competition is doing.

5) Keep your content interesting. If you really want to bring in the biggest possible share of online business from your blog you must keep the readers coming back for more. Make sure that your posts are informative and entertaining and encourage people to subscribe, read, and comment. An active blogging community surrounding your blog will result in more business for you as long as that regular traffic is targeted traffic that is interested in the product or service you offer.

There will be no time better than today to begin a blog for your online business. The sooner you get started the sooner you can begin enjoying the benefits.