Blogging is more important than many people realize. What once was little more than an online diary has now become a social force or media experiment to be reckoned with. The power of bloggers around the world is staggering and has been seen more than once in national media. Bloggers are beginning not only to report what is going on with policies around the world but also beginning to hold sway with policy makers around the world.

Did you know that national governments are even beginning to operate blogs? This is well beyond commentary on Jessica Simpson's jeans. Blogging and those who blog are beginning to wield very real political clout. There have been plenty of scandals that have come from blogging but there have been just as many positive things for society that result from blogging as well.

When it comes to blogging for business, if you want to do business online and want to compete in the global marketplace known as the World Wide Web then you cannot afford not to be blogging. This is the single fastest way to make a huge splash in the search engine rankings and one of the fastest ways to reduce your esteem in your field—whatever that field or niche may be.

Blogging builds traffic quickly because the search engines really like blogs. Why? Because blogs provide many of the very things that the search engines are looking for. They are regularly updated. They are content heavy. They have plenty of links (coming in and going out). Most importantly, good blogs are keyword rich and relevant to the topic at hand. In the long run, this means that blogs deliver stuff that high page rank is made of.

When you are doing business online, you can use your business blog to drive traffic to the sites that do the selling for you as well as do a little bit of self promotion within the scope of the blog. Be careful that your blog doesn't become a “spammy” type of blog that is all about self promotion or that is viewed as nothing more than a prolonged sales letter. That aside, using a blog in the proper manner can mean big sales for your service or product if you use it wisely.

Blogging is important because it is a low cost platform for delivering quality material on a regular basis, getting the word out about the products or services you offer, and a way of creating a steady stream of traffic through favorable SEO (search engine optimization) practices. The most important thing about blogging is that it makes you a part of a very select community of online marketers. The more involved you are in the community the more traffic and links will come your way. The more solid links and traffic you have the better the results for your online business will be. This is why blogging is important for your online business.