You have probably heard more than once that you need a blog if you plan to do business online. What you may not have heard is the benefit that blogging provides to online businesses. It is difficult to take the claims that you need to blog seriously without first understanding how the blog will benefit your business. Know this, blogs have many benefits that may take a while to be noticed. Some you may never notice unless you are really tracking your progress. Keep these things in mind as you weigh the pros and cons of blogging for your business.

1) Exposure to a wider audience. Many people will read blogs before they will visit a website. Whatever the reason, the fact that people really do read blogs is a huge incentive for many business owners, online or off, to begin a blog and contribute to it regularly. Blog posts also never die. This means that they aren't merely appearing to those who subscribe to your blog today but also those who come along and discover your blog later down the line. Longevity is yet another benefit to blogging that should not be overlooked for its importance to the way you do business online.

2) The opportunity to gain subscribers. While this may not appear to be such a big deal on the outside of things, when you think about it, it's an excellent opportunity. The average person visits a website and sticks around for a matter of seconds. Even when a site is bookmarked many people never revisit those sites. However, when readers subscribe to your blog, every update you make to your blog is an opportunity to sale to your audience once again. The more you update, the greater your opportunity to make that sale. More importantly, you don't have to make a hard sale in order to do it. Simply offer valuable insights, information, or even entertainment. The sales are more likely to come when your blog doesn't seem like some giant sales page.

3) Links. If content is the bread and butter of business conducted online, links are the lean proteins. Seriously, links are the glue that enables your blog to dominate and rank high with the search engines. Blogs, in general, contain more links than the average website and search engines love links. It's a giant popularity contest and, more often than not, the blogs with the most links in and out, come out on top of the search engine rankings. Blogs are magnates for links. Make sure your blog is link worthy if you want to enjoy the full benefits blogging presents.

There are other benefits that come about as a result of blogging. You learn more about your niche and/or products as you are conducting the research to blog about them. You get to share your passion for your products with others. Perhaps most importantly, you get the opportunity each time you post to reach a new audience or reconnect with your existing subscribers.