The one thing that all bloggers covet is traffic. Provided that the traffic is quality traffic and not the typical garbage traffic generated by traffic systems that are so common online there can never really be enough traffic for the blogger who is making money based on advertising, Adsense, or affiliate marketing efforts for their blog. So, how do you get the high traffic and excellent results you are looking for? This is the burning question on the mind of many bloggers, new and seasoned alike. Put some of these practices into play and see how quickly your traffic starts to reach new heights.

1) Quality over quantity. It is great to have a mile long list of blog posts. It is even better if these posts are informative, entertaining, and considered valuable by the readers of your blog. It doesn't really matter if you can create 30 posts a day if they are what would be considered garbage posts or filler articles. Make every word matter and your audience will hang on every single one. Even better, your audience will grow steadily and regularly.

2) Get your audience involved. Ask questions, invite comments, include polls in your posts, and create controversy. These are the things that keep people coming back week after week and, more importantly when you are trying to build your numbers, telling their friends about your blog.

3) Keep it on target. What this means is that your blog should have a clearly defined niche and never stray from that niche. If you venture too far away you will lose the audience that is coming back for specific advice, information, etc. Also keeping your posts targeted to your niche will help the search engines identify the market you are best suited to serve. This helps them find your blog and rank it well.

4) Submit your blog to the search engines. Manual submission is time consuming but an effort that will pay off in results over time. It is worth learning how to do this and doing it for every blog that you begin.

5) Be passionate. One of the best things you can do for your blog if traffic is your goal is to let your passion for your blogging topic show through. Readers should feel your passion in every word and every post. This alone will bring in subscribers steadily over time. If you have difficulty letting your passion for your blog topic shine or feel you need a break, consider bringing in guest bloggers or contracting writers to do the work for you until you can renew your passion. Everyone needs a break sometimes but do not stay away too long because you are the glue that holds your blog together.

Building blog traffic is a process. It takes a little bit of time. Don't have expectations that are unrealistic and impossible to fulfill. Instead, take one day at a time and enjoy better profits and a larger audience as it comes.