When you first create a blog there will be times when you feel as though you must learn a completely new language. In some ways, you do. The good news is that this language isn't some ultra secret code that only blogging insiders know. There are a few secrets though that will help your blog reach a certain level of success much more quickly than if you were to try and build up a large readership without putting these secrets to work for you.

1) Keep a notebook, yes an old fashioned notebook where you can scribble notes and rip out pages of ideas for future blogs. Whenever you think of a great blog idea write it down in the notebook. Chances are the creative juices will flow whenever you aren't around a computer or have just finished a great blog post for the day. Keeping a notebook allows you to jot down the idea for later use without the worry of forgetting it or losing something important about it along the way. These notes are perfect for those days when you aren't feeling quite as creative. This way you always have a nice supply of potential blog posts and ideas to draw from no matter how creative, tired, or under the weather you may feel.

2) Write posts that are ever green. Breaking news is great for an initial boost in traffic but those posts that are timeless and infinitely useful are the posts that will be your real bread and butter as a blogger. You want to write posts that will be as useful and informative two years from now as they are today. The reason is simple, these posts will be recognized by the search engines and still get traffic months after the original post was presented. Blogs are great because you are constantly adding to the content. The key is to continue adding useful content that can be enjoyed long-term. This will gain you subscribers over time and bring in more traffic, which will result in more money for you in the long run.

3) Build relationships. Become part of the blogging community. Visit the blogs of those who have commented on your blog and subscribe to their feeds. Return comments and become part of the greater blog – o – sphere. This does so much more than build links. It builds relationships.

4) Build a blogging “brand”. Everyone knows Coca -Cola, Hershey's, and McDonald's. These are successful brands that are recognized around the world for the goods they offer. Wouldn't it be great if your blog can get that same instant recognition within your target niche? It can. It just takes a great deal of work. The payoff though is that your blog will be the first stop that many people make when they are looking for information about your niche.

There are many things you can do to increase exposure for your blog. These are the secrets that will make your blog a driving force within your niche for years to come.