Blogging has come a long way since its inception. Not only has blogging become more prevalent on the World Wide Web but it has also evolved along the way. At one time, blogs, short for “web logs” were little more than an online diary or journal of sorts where people talked about the minutia of their daily lives. Today it seems that everyone has a blog and they range in scope from professional advise, recipes, entertainment news, book reviews, and even politics. In many ways nothing is sacred as some blogs have been used as “tell alls” or exposes.

But, how does it work? Why are blogs becoming such a powerful force in the modern media? It seems that we are a somewhat voyeuristic society. We love to know what other people are doing and thinking. This is evidenced by our obsessions with the royal family and the Hollywood elite.

Blogs work, and they are so successful, because people make them work. The blog creators do not simply create the blog and then throw it to the wind hoping that it will take off. They comment on other blogs, they link to other blogs, they build relationships with readers, and they provide new information regularly that people want to read. Blogging isn't simply typing words and posting them on the web. It is building relationships with others around the world—no matter what the blog topic may be.

Blog owners or creators find a niche, they identify specific needs within that niche, and then they meet those needs. Blogs are so popular with the search engines because they are regularly updated and they provide new information to their audience on a regular basis. If only web page owners would catch on to this little bit of information.

Blogs work because they search engine ranking system likes them. They deliver content that is relevant to the topic at hand. They deliver consistent quality content. Most importantly, blogs are always adding new content and the blog owners create links back by commenting on other blogs and links out by linking to other blogs. It's a spider love fest that results in high search engine rankings, which results in more traffic and visitors. It's a win – win situation for the bloggers and the audience they serve.

There is a secret sauce, so to speak, to successful blogging. While it doesn't require a perfect storm of events there are things you can do that improve the odds of great success.

First, offer something interesting to your readers. Create a voice that will resonate with readers and use that voice when blogging.

Second, fill a void in the current offerings. If you are offering the same thing someone else that has been around longer has to offer, chances are good that the older blog will get all the link love and you will simply play second fiddle for eternity.

Third, become a part of the community. Blogging has become a social event. There is a definite social circle involved in the blogging process. You need to be sociable if you really want amazing results for your blogging efforts. That's how blogging works in a nutshell.