There are many benefits associated with using works you cull from the public domain. We’ll take a look at some of those benefits in the following paragraphs.

Save Money

You can save a lot of money by using public domain material because you won’t have to pay anyone to write articles or ebooks for you. In addition, you can save money by not having to hire graphic designers or pay for photographs that you are able to get from the public domain. This doesn’t even take into account the time and headaches you will save by not having to find just the right person to outsource your work to. You may even be able to find content that is able to be used for blog posts. Of course, you may have to tweak the content you find and you should; otherwise, you may end up with duplicate content on your site because some Internet marketers undoubtedly won’t change the content and you want your content to be unique. Still, you can take books that you find in the public domain and create numerous articles from them; perhaps even an ebook.

Save Time

Many beginning Internet marketers simply don’t have the budget to outsource writing or photography projects and so they do all of this work themselves. You can save a lot of time by using works from the public domain if you are used to creating all the work yourself. Even the time you spend searching for public domain works, verifying they are indeed in the public domain and then tweaking the contents to make it your own can be more than justified when you realize that just one good book culled from the public domain can net you dozens of articles or several ebooks.

Fewer Headaches

Many Internet marketers have found their calling in marketing but are dismayed to learn they lack the creative ability that writing demands. They have difficulty even coming up with ideas of what to write about or maybe they are not too swift with grammar. Procuring works from the public domain can save a lot of headaches, even if you have to outsource part of the work by hiring writers to create articles from a book you find in the public domain.

Get Inspiration

You may even be a creative marketer and you can still benefit greatly by using works found in the public domain. That’s because you can get endless inspiration from works and not have to worry about using any of the material. Use as much or as little of it as you want. Take one idea and edit it to suit your needs. You may find inspiration for dozens of projects just by browsing free works from the public domain. Remember, too, that it is not limited to writings; you may also find just the right image or photograph that would go perfect with your website. Use your imagination and combine it with these free materials to create your own blockbuster, whether that is in the form of ebooks, articles, or a number of other works.


Every job or career has what is known as “tools of the trade.” Internet marketers also have tools that help them to earn money with their trade and making good use of public domain works is one of the most important tools the Internet marketer can have. Let’s take a look at some of the products your public domain tools can build for your Internet marketing empire.

Sell it Again Sam!

Once you create your public domain products, you have a plethora of choices as to how you can market them. It’s no secret that ebooks and articles make good choices for public domain content but don’t stop there! Have you considered marketing your revamped and repackaged public domain works as PLR (private label rights) or selling resale rights? By taking that extra step, you can sell your works over and over and optimize your income!

Don’t Forget the Links!

Once you’ve created an ebook from your public domain content, don’t just type “The End” and start selling it. Even if you give it away, make sure it contains your affiliate links or links back to your own product pages. This way, you can create a product once and sell it many times over! In fact, once you have your public domain information, you should make a list of all the products you can make from just one source. You might be surprised to discover all that you can do with just one book from the public domain. Add public domain images, pictures, posters, music, and videos to enhance your ebook or other product and you could be selling pure gold!

Print or Digital?

Don’t feel that you have to restrict yourself to only marketing either print or digital manuals when you can effectively do both. The fact is that some customers prefer to receive their products digitally while others prefer to receive them in print. There is no reason why you cannot produce both, especially if the main source of your content was free in the first place.

Add Audio and Video to the Mix

As an Internet marketer, you probably use many different marketing campaigns and many different products in your Internet marketing empire. Remember to do the same with your public domain content. For example, record your new ebook on audio to enhance your sales. You can even make a special video using free images from the public domain. While you will need to tweak and update the content you get for free, if you make good use of all the tools in your Internet marketing toolbox, you’ll create products so unique that no one will ever guess they started out in the public domain!

Don’t Forget Bonuses and Freebies

Most Internet marketers have some type of bonuses and freebies in their Internet marketing toolbox and using works culled from the public domain is a great way to create those products for free. Remember, in order to build trust and relationships, which is crucial to your Internet marketing success, the bonuses and freebies must be quality products. Use the public domain to create those products but make sure they are as high quality as the ones you are selling.