Remember the guy in the yellow suit with dollar signs all over it? His name is Matthew Lesko and you may have seen him on television commercials. He is the one who is always trying to sell information about how to get free stuff from the government. Lesko has been criticized for selling information that people can get for free and that is exactly what he is doing, yet some people would rather pay him to cull out the opportunities than take the time to do it themselves.

Think about What it is You’re Paying For

When you research public domain content, you’ll run across several ads from other Internet marketers trying to make a buck by selling you directories of public domain resources. While there’s nothing wrong with this concept, think for a moment whether you want to pay someone to tell you where you can get something for free. After all, they found the public domain resources; so can you. If, though, you have more money than time and you don’t mind paying for it, then at least make sure you are buying from a reputable source.

Make Sure it really is Public Domain Content

Just because some slick marketer says they are selling you public domain content or resources where you can find such content doesn’t mean it really is in the public domain so you may still need to check it out yourself, which may negate the time you save by purchasing the content instead of finding it yourself. Since anyone can access public domain material, the floodgates are open for scams. Just be careful.

Don’t know what to do With Public Domain Content?

I have seen well done sales pages extolling the virtues of public domain works along with free ecourses that will teach you how to make money with content you can find in the public domain. If you are truly at a loss on how to capitalize on this type of content, look for the free resources first before you pay for the information as you can probably find everything you need on the subject for free.

When You Should Pay for Public domain Content

You may want to consider outsourcing some of the content you eventually turn your public domain materials into. For example, if you obtain books that are in the public domain and want to turn them into articles or even an ebook with fresh content added, you may want to outsource some or all of that work.

Many Internet marketers take public domain material and create new material from the stuff they get for free. Some of them offer resale rights or private label rights. Not only can you do this yourself, but you can purchase the new product and resell it many times over to boost your income.

Be Prepared to Spend Some Money

While it’s not absolutely necessary, you may, at times, need to spend some money polishing your public domain material to make it ready to sell. You will still come out ahead, though; after all, you got it for free.