You may not have considered using poetry as part of your Internet marketing plan, but think for a moment what you can do with poetry you cull from the public domain free of charge. In the following paragraphs, we’ll take a look at just some of the things you can do with public domain poetry.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards of all kinds are hot on and offline and most of them contain some form of verse or poetry. Instead of trying to write the verse yourself, you can get it for free with public domain poetry. You’ll still need to illustrate the cards but guess what, that’s right, you can also get plenty of free images through the public domain so this is a product you really want to take a look at. Add free public domain music to your digital cards and you’ll really have a hot item!


Combine public domain poetry with free photographs, illustrations, and images and you can make unique posters that you can sell either as a physical product or in any number of ways digitally. Don’t forget about the possibilities including wallpaper and screensavers too!

Poetry Books

Take poetry you cull from the public domain and add poetry you either write or purchase from other writers and create an entirely new and distinct book of poetry you can market. Add illustrations and you can have a top-notch product for little or no expense whatsoever! Capitalize on holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day and offer special rates or packages.

Poetry Readings set to Music

While you’re brainstorming about what to do with your public domain poetry, think romantic thoughts! While not all poetry is romantic, much of it is and you could capitalize on this fact to earn big! Read romantic poetry with a backdrop of romantic music that you also cull from the public domain and you can come up with unique products that sell big. The sky really is the limit with public domain profitability and your free poetry can earn you big bucks.

Sing It!

If you are musically inclined or know someone who is, you could have a plethora of lyrics set to music that you could market. Either write the music yourself, hire someone else to write the music, or if you’re lucky, you could find separate poetry and music in the public domain that you can combine to make unique songs!


If you’re interested in marketing poetry you cull from the public domain, one of the best ways to get ideas is to simply look around, especially in card and gift shops and see what kinds of items contain poetry. You could make calendars, t-shirts, the list is endless but inspiration is everywhere and if you want to make money with poetry, you’ll find examples everywhere.