While you can’t exactly sell items in the public domain to others just as they are, you can sell information about the public domain. Take a moment and do a quick search for “public domain.” When you do, you’ll notice that there are plenty of Internet marketers already taking advantage of this concept. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for one more though. And it could be you!

Create a List of Public Domain Resources

While anyone can find this same information, not everyone has the time or inclination to go in search of free public domain content. If you can put together a reliable list of public domain resources, others may be willing to pay you for it, especially if you are or become an expert on the public domain and write content describing what it is and how it can be used. You can also divide your list up into relevant resources, such as public domain music, public domain books, and so on.

Give Them the Real Scoop

While you’re perusing the sites devoted to public domain, you’ll notice an interesting phenomenon. Not all of them say the same thing. It is amazing how many different versions of copyright and public domain rules are out there. You’ll see a plethora of dates and you’ll see content that states absolutely false dates and omits important information about what is and what is not public domain and when works enter the public domain. By the way, you can get the truth at the US copyright office website at copyright.gov. Once you learn the truth about copyright and public domain, you can provide a valuable service by passing it onto others.

Blog about Copyright and the Public Domain

The rules and laws governing copyright and public domain cannot be understood after reading a paragraph or even an article on the subject. There have been updates and extensions to the copyright laws and there are different laws regarding different dates. While it can be complicated when you read several different dates on several different websites, you can be the marketer that takes the time to become an expert on public domain and copyright law and then blog about it. That’s not to say that there aren’t any websites on the subject with correct information, but there are many with incomplete or altogether incorrect information so the area is ripe for the savvy Internet marketer who isn’t afraid of hard work.

Find one Area of Public Domain and Specialize

As you can see, the area of public domain works is a large one for several reasons. First, there are the legal issues to consider and whether you use public domain works or you simply tell others about them, you need to be well versed on the law concerning the public domain. Another reason it is such a hot topic is that savvy Internet marketers can make a lot of money with the public domain by creating products and selling them. Still another reason the public domain is so rich is that it contains so many different forms of material: writings, music, art, photography, images, even software. It truly is a goldmine; you just have to learn how to use it wisely.


Creating and selling products culled from the public domain has been all the rage for some time now, especially for beginning Internet marketers. I am constantly asked if it is too late to get in on the public domain “rush,” and I constantly answer a resounding “NO!”

It’s never too late to Profit from the Public Domain

In fact, the later it is the more material there is that is released into the public domain. Besides, the savvy Internet marketer doesn’t merely reproduce public domain works, he or she recreates them and breathes new life into them, thereby creating entirely new works.

If you type “public domain” into any of the major search engines, you will be presented with so many websites you may think it is too late for you to even think about capitalizing on the concept of public domain material but that just isn’t true. For one thing, take a closer look at some of those sites. Sure, they are at the top of the search engine results today, but they may not be for long. Another thing, just because you see a plethora of articles written about how easy it is to make money using public domain works, doesn’t mean that all those people are actually doing it.

It’s not THAT Easy!

Contrary to hundreds, perhaps thousands of articles stating how easy it is to use free public domain material to make a kajillion dollars on the Internet, it isn’t as easy as all that. First, you have to search for legitimate public domain works, then if you’re smart, you’ll verify that those works are actually in the public domain, then you’ll need to download them (if they are online) and then the real work begins-making them your own creation.

You can actually spend quite a bit of time optimizing public domain material in order to repackage it and sell it as your own. While many articles call this practice “the lazy man’s way,” it takes a lot more than lazy to make quality products out of public domain works.

Get Creative!

Don’t limit your public domain search to the Internet. Sure, it may be easier but many of the best public domain materials you will find are offline. Think used bookstores, libraries, estate sales, garage sales, flea markets, and the like. Yes, you will then need to spend time, money, or both digitizing your find but if you get creative and come up with unique products, it will be worth it! When you’re searching the brick and mortar world for public domain content, don’t limit yourself to just books. You may also find old magazines that are now in the public domain and those are indeed a treasure trove!